Keep right except to pass

Keep right except to pass

Letter to the Editor from Ken Schroeder of Warfield

I would like to comment on a continuing problem on our B.C. highways.

I spend a lot of time driving on our local mountain passes, particularly the Nancy Greene and Blueberry-Paulson. I am increasingly amazed by the number of drivers not acknowledging the highways signs, specifically “Keep Right Except To Pass.”

This is not rocket science.

The highways department has erected several signs and made it abundantly clear: “Keep Right Unless Passing”. Some drivers use this lane as their own personal portal. Without sounding mean, I would like to call these drivers misguided fools.

If you are occupying the centre lane for any reason other than passing, you are putting yourself and oncoming traffic in peril. Do not try to give excuses for occupying this centre lane (other than passing). You are wrong.

If you have read this and disagree, contact your local RCMP, Motor License Office or the Common Sense Department to further educate yourself.

Ken Schroeder