Kindness and support from strangers and professionals appreciated after accident

Fruitvale resident appreciates help and support of strangers after accident.

Last Wednesday, (Sept. 2) about 7p.m.,  a deer raced across the road and hit my car, near the Bombi turnoff, as I was returning to Fruitvale with a friend. I slowly drove a short distance to a wide parking spot, knowing my car was in no shape to drive any further.

As there was no cell phone service, I flagged down the first car.

My passenger stayed with my car. This kind stranger drove me to the nearest home. The RCMP was contacted, ambulance and my daughter-in-law.

The kind lady whose phone I used, drove me to the accident scene and stayed until the RCMP arrived. We were at the scene for about one and a half hours.

The two RCMP officers, one from Salmo and one from Trail, were sensitive, very tactful and understanding, (which also included my misplaced  driver’s license).

The RCMP looked for the deer but couldn’t find it. The two ambulance attendants again, very intuitive and caring, regarding our individual needs. My daughter-in-law was very calm, extremely supportive and helpful.

Meanwhile, my misplaced wallet with my driver’s license, I was positive I had left  in the stranger’s car. A friend used Facebook to track down the kind stranger.

I visited the local drugstore in Salmo and the staff gathered around and were asked to watch out for the kind stranger.

The mystery was solved. The stranger, who is no longer a stranger, did not have my wallet. I went to where my car had been towed and there was my wallet under the driver’s seat. There were many humble apologies to make.

This accident again reinforces my belief in communities; the willingness of friends, neighbours and professionals to help, support and work together.  This was a time when my friend and I needed caring people and all involved met our needs.

Renice Townsend