Lack of traffic flow alarming

Rossland resident vents frustrations related to the ongoing downtown construction in Trail.

After sitting in my vehicle, idling and crawling, for 45 minutes from the Star Grocery to the first set of traffic lights in front of where Gerick’s Sports is located, I could not believe that anyone in their right mind would not get frustrated, high blood pressure and downright angry.

The lack of traffic control and planning for traffic flow around the two busiest times of day, is simply outrageous and unacceptable! The lights at the intersection are running as if there was no construction project, so the backup is excessive because the traffic comes to a gridlock as there is no flagging, so it is frankly chaotic.

After finally getting to the intersection and trying to merge, no one alternates or has any inkling of courtesy because everyone is only thinking of themselves. It is worse than a war zone.

The Trail management needs to manage the project so that the businesses, already struggling thanks to Walmart, will see someone come through their doors.

And what about an emergency or a serious fire? I shiver to think of the outcomes when no one knows, or is taking responsibility for, the traffic flow coordination.

I have had first hand experience in Rossland, as a City Councillor, where we had a multimillion dollar project throughout the whole downtown core for four months.

The first job we did was to strike a Task Force for Communication and Monday morning meetings to coordinate the project, most importantly the traffic flow issues we were tasked with. There was never any waits more than five to 10 minutes and we did all we could to make sure that was a very high priority.

The professionals running this show in Trail need to figure it out, it is honestly not that difficult if they had professional flaggers who were directed to do an outstanding job.

I will not travel to Trail again until this is done and there is not a person I know who has not complained about this poorly coordinated construction project.

Someone is accountable and should start, before it is too late, which it is, to take responsibility for correcting this horrible situation.

People’s patience has run out.

Jill Spearn