Let bridge issue rest in peace

The issue of the old bridge has been discussed again and again. Are we beating a dead horse?

Good grief people let it die.

We have already beaten this horse to death more than once. The people of Trail have already said they don’t want to be taxed for the next 20 years for the sake of the few that can’t figure out a different equal distance to walk instead of “the bridges.”

We have done the surveys and seen the results. People are starting to sound like the little kids who think if they ask enough times the answer will change when the circumstance hasn’t.

The revitalization of the core of downtown has already cost us enough in studies and the old bridge isn’t a part of the core nor if you could walk over it would it attract anyone to the core in a meaningful manner,

Sure it’s easy to say put up a sign and use it at your own risk but even researching the legalities of that sign will cost us a fortune in lawyers’ fees and we will still end up paying some form of insurance and getting sued because someone fell in the river.

Then we have maintenance and snow removal etc. We have done without it for a while now and as predicted no impact where it would have made a difference in an emergency situation.

Dale EvansTrail