Let free enterprise thrive

Well this is the second front page article written by Valerie Rossi regarding the opposition to the opening of an independent liquor store in the Village of Warfield, which has now made me realize I must speak out against what I consider complete nonsense on the part of the mayor/council and owner of the Tunnel Beer and Wine Store  My goodness does the village wish to oppose free enterprise in the village?

Does the mayor or counsel have a financial interest in the business at the Tunnel Pub or are council and mayor friends with the owner as it make me wonder considering they have such an interest in seeing no loss of business to the Tunnel Beer and Wine Store?

It is very clear the village has no jurisdiction over the opening of the second store so why would they bother to make the statements like the residents might favour the new store and forget about the a store that has been around for four or five years, my goodness the owner of the Tunnel Pub has been in the same location for 30 years I would think it would be pretty had to forget about this location.

Now if you look at it another way perhaps the new store will provide a different type of service drawing in customers with different needs and from other areas, is this bad I think not.

Not sure why the mayor would make comments about level playing fields there are many businesses in our communities that are of the same nature and they seem to do just fine, so once again I must question the mayor’s comments as to the real motive behind them. It would truly be a sad day for the residents and businesses of Warfield should this mayor and council have the opportunity to control with what appears to be an iron clad fist on the types of businesses that would like to set up shop in Warfield.

I think the current mayor and council should step back and do the job they were elected to do rather than way in with their comments or personal feelings regarding a new business that is opening in their community that they feel will hinder the success of another similar business.

There is a process the citizens of Warfield could act upon with the Liquor Control Branch should they not want this business in Warfield and it appears there has not been any opposition so I wish the owner of the new store the best of luck with the venture.

Joe Nex