Letters to the editor are always welcome.

Letters to the editor are always welcome.

LETTER: Creston’s non-profits need new energy

Most of our non-profits are peopled by older members, often women, and often retired

As a long term non-profit board member in Creston, I have made a few observations.

Noticing that most of our non-profits are peopled by older members, often women, and often retired, it is obvious that there needs to be some replenishment of the bodies filling the seats at these board tables. Our community needs an influx of new energy to continue the vital work that has been done over the years.

As new people move into the community, it would be helpful to them and to our rapidly depleting boards to connect the new energy with our needs. This is Annual General Meeting season in town: a really good time for those looking for interesting ways to contribute their skills and abilities to a suitable organization.

For instance, the Creston Valley Community Housing Society will hold its Annual General Meeting on June 28 at 5:30 p.m. in the Library meeting room. There is interest and support coming from the Town of Creston that may encourage B.C. Housing to fund the newest proposal for affordable family housing.

New energy would be welcome in working towards the next affordable housing project in Creston. If interested in a board position, please contact me at 250-428-6560 for a membership in the society 30 days before the AGM. We welcome anyone who is willing to work towards this important goal.

There are many societies active in the community. To find something that interests you, just google your topic in Creston and then explore. Ask your neighbours and friends to describe their experiences in non- profits in Creston. There is much satisfaction in working with others to achieve a needed service or product and there are those who need your input.

If we all do our share, it makes the tough jobs possible.

Rita Scott, Creston

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