Life remains in Trail’s old bridge

Trail city hall is bound and determined to spend tax dollars on something that isn’t a necessity but rather a convenience.

City hall is saying that the old bridge only has a life expectancy of five years. I have worked on that bridge for close to 25 years and have talked to the bridge engineer a number of different times about the bridge.

The steel girders on the ends of the bridge were repaired a few years ago. I’m sure there if there were any other major steel problems that the engineer would make sure that they were dealt with as he is extremely thorough.

City hall tells us that it would cost around $3 million to remove the bridge.

Put the $3 million towards repairing the piers and remove the walkway. Then fence both sides of the roadway with gates at each end. If something major was ever to happen to the new bridge that would close all four lanes, they could still open the gate for emergency vehicles to cross.

Possibly city hall would be willing to publish a copy of the engineers’ report for all to see.

Dave Mason