Make Bull-a-Rama part of Silver City Days

Local resident suggests a way to keep Bull-A-Rama an annual event in Trail.

I have a suggestion for the continuation of the Kootenay Chrysler Bull-A-Rama next year: merge it with Silver City Days festivities.

Think about it, everybody is pretty much downtown during Silver City Days and with nothing to do to fill the Cominco Arena since the demise of the Sidewalk Café two years ago, Bull-A-Rama is sure to fill the void in a big way.

So instead of two separate events that usually are a mere week or two apart, why not work in Bull-A-Rama as a Saturday evening event alongside the parade, midway and fireworks (to take place in between Bull-A-Rama and the barn dance that usually follows).

Keep in mind that this is just an idea that I had and I hope that Gord McMartin, Guy Thompson and Trail Festival Society president Ian McLeod consider this possibility.

By the way, rodeo events are how Silver City Days originally got started.

Jesse Stokes,