Make culprits cover ICBC costs

Obviously accidents happen. But senseless incidents can be prevented if you drive defensively.

Listening to the news, ICBC has to hike up rates to compensate for the rising costs of personal injuries. Also the news showed how there is an extreme increase in hit and runs,  and drivers  leaving the scene of accidents, leaving people at the accident scene for dead.

One incident was a 14 year old run down while walking to her first day of school.  And there is far too many other situations to list.

Obviously accidents happen.  But it is the senseless incidents that could have been prevented if you drive defensively.  But to be a coward and run away.

So they said we need a plan to stop these inhumane occurrences.

Here is just an idea I can maybe throw out there. Quit punishing everyone else for the bad driving skills of others.  You don’t punish all your kids at home because the one decided to get themselves into hot water.

Driving as I knew it was a privilege, not a right so this letter has nothing to do with taking your rights away but simply using your privileges responsively.  If someone is condoned a bad driver, then they should have to pay the penalty, not all of us.

The best we can get is a 40 per cent break for 99 years of good driving.  Raise their rates, make them have to buy $5 million or $10 million in liability at an escalated premium.  Start hitting them up for an insane amount for texting as they drive.

Hammer down on street racers. Make it mandatory that you must undergo a vehicle virtual reality simulation test to renew your license. If a person has to pay out too much for driving privileges and can’t afford all their incidences, then just maybe they would hang up their keys.

Put this money into the system to help.  Maybe this would detour more drivers that are senselessly killing people that are walking near or on the street.

The only people this letter will bother will be the violators thinking I’m going against their rights, forgetting what a privilege is.  And don’t even get me started on ICBC bonuses.

Brent Laface