Make effort to keep SPCA in Trail

Local resident wants to see more effort to keep regional SPCA services in Trail.

I am writing a letter of protest and complaint regarding the proposed and future loss of the Trail SPCA office and services (Castlegar ponders pitch for new SPCA facility, Trail Times Aug. 27).

Not only are we losing a very valuable service here in Trail but the economic value of the employees of the SPCA. It is very frustrating as a long time citizen in Trail to see many of our businesses, services and retail outlets quietly leave our community with absolutely no support from our local government.

One very important aspect of the local SPCA is the long history that this service has in Trail. Does anyone know that this service began with a handicapped lady who lived in Warfield?

This lady first began to quietly find homes for unwanted pets. She helped those animals that needed homes and medical services because no one else was here to step up to the plate. The local SPCA was a step up for this lady who worked diligently to get this service in the area.

I implore the Mayor of Trail, along with Trail council to step up to the plate and protect our services, not sit back and watch businesses leave our area. I have also written to the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary regarding this matter.

I would sincerely hope that the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary along with the City of Trail can manage to keep this very vital service here in Trail.

It is interesting to note how quickly Castlegar can act to support incoming businesses or services and we cannot act to save an existing business long established in Trail.

Lynn Gould