McEwan column speaks volumes

Appreciation for Louise McEwan's column printed in the July 20 issue of the Trail Times.

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for Louise McEwan’s column on conversation in the Trail Times of July 20 “Conversation aids the quest for meaning.” It was extremely well presented.

It carried me back to the 1960s when there was an effort to bring about a corporate union between the Anglican and United Churches of Canada. The effort failed, but the process brought about many conversations in which each learned something useful from the other.

I participated in a dozen or so of varying significance. My memory of them is that they were generally conversational and not exercises in triumphalism. Not perfect, of course, but we became better friends and not bitter enemies.

Conversation is more than talking, it suggests, first, mutual respect; then politeness; and friendship; and, sometimes, intimacy. It is a most productive way to engage in human relationships.

Rev. Garwood G. Russell