Medical system frustrating

"Our medical system frustrates me as it does others."

It saddens us all that Trudi Toews has no choice but to close Selkirk Family Medicine early December.

It has thousands of families, seniors and individuals struggling to find a new local physician. Where might this be found? Yes, I realize they are doing their best.

Our medical system frustrates me as it does others. So by Dec. 1, no physician, no test, no medications unless you attend Trail Regional Hospital so they say (waste of good taxpayer’s money/medical systems), long lines or locals can travel to Nelson’s walk-in clinic, located at Chahko Mika Mall.

Saying this if clients are able/capable over 60 minutes away to again wait in long lines.

If you require tests at local hospitals, where is the follow up? On the streets, in a file, or just posted on a computer? Once again frustrated humans needing a physician.

David Mackay,