Minister says funds available for student aid

Re: the Feb. 17 story, Budget Leaves Children And Seniors Behind: MlaStudent aid programs continue to be a priority for the B.C.  government. The budget for student aid remains constant from last year. It is regrettable that the opposition is suggesting that government is making cuts to student aid programs in budget 2011/2012. Not true. Suggesting that there is a cut this year will undeniably create fear for students and their families, and I want to reach out to students and reassure them that we are maintaining funding to the student aid program. 
 I will continue to work with the student loan program staff to strengthen student aid. 

Post-secondary education is a key driver for the economic future of this province. I am reminded every time I meet with student associations that student aid is a direct investment in the future of our young people and all British Columbians.Ida ChongMinister of Science and Universities