Mixed messages about alcohol

Trail resident questions message behind anti-drinking & driving efforts and introducing alcohol into grocery stores.

Well, look at the calendar. ‘Tis the season to be jolly with all the holiday parties and things going on.

Once again I turn on the radio or the TV and hear and see the ads put on by the local police and MADD about the use of those good spirits – the ones you drink, I mean – and the dangers of what can happen. Nice, I think, they care about us and how we handle the holidays and they want us to be safe.

Then I catch the evening news and on comes the news that the provincial government wants to put liquor into all the grocery stores and make it handier for people.

Hmmm, I wonder? Just whom are we making it more handy for?

Everyone is pushing the cutting back of drinking and driving and the government wants to make it easier for us to get our liquor.

I don’t know who is conning whom but it sure seems to be kind of a dumb-ass way of handling the situation of the drinking problem in the province.

Come on folks, are we really that feeble getting around that we have to have the liquor in the grocery stores?

“Oh yes dear, on your trip to get some milk, bread and eggs and don’t forget some rye and a few cases of beer.”

What do you mean how much will it cost? It doesn’t matter, it’s handier than going to the liquor store.

I just don’t know where everything is going these days, on one hand they push lowering the amount liquor people are drinking and on this hand wants to make is so much easier for everyone to get.

Oh well, I guess I will just sit back and watch what goes down.  To be or not to be – that is the question!!!

Marge Gustafson