Motorists need to give flaggers a break

Trail resident responds to an October 29 letter to the editor regarding downtown Trail construction.

I’m writing in response to Jill Spearn’s letter, (Lack of traffic flow alarming, Trail Times, Oct. 29).  While I agree the traffic situation is sometimes frustrating, I  don’t agree the flaggers are at fault.  The flaggers are doing a great job, despite the problems they are faced with.

I believe their job has been made more difficult by having the traffic lights on at times and off at other times while the crews are working.  This confuses drivers; they don’t know whether to follow the lights or the flagger.

I’ve personally witnessed, on six different occasions, a vehicle ignoring the flagger and proceeding when they should not have.  Whether this is because the driver is impatient and discourteous, or because they were confused, I can’t say for sure.  Three of those times the driver brought their vehicle so close to the flagger that I was concerned for the flagger’s safety.

We all know there are going to be delays, so how about planning for it?  Leave early, turn on the radio and enjoy some nice music and the friendly banter of our local DJs while in the line up.

Most importantly, please everyone, keep your eyes on the flaggers and don’t proceed until you get the nod or hand signal from them telling you it’s okay to do so.

Let’s keep everyone safe by being courteous and patient.

Erna McCall