NDP decisions foiled real progress

Do Alex Atamanenko and the NDP want Greece's socialist structure for Canada?

More socialism is not the answer.

Any local elected representative who lauds Greece’s socialism run amok must have his or her head examined.

Greece’s debt to GDP ratio is 165 per cent and its unemployment rate is 21.7 per cent.  It got to this state because it over borrowed to meet the financial demands of its government run programs.  This is what happens when the welfare state spending outstrips the wealth created by the private sector.

Greece now has to make $14 billion worth of cuts to meet the bailout provisions.  It has severely mortgaged the next generation’s future; the result of socialist ideals gone wrong. Yet, our federal NDP MP Alex Atamanenko and his leader Thomas Mulcair want this socialist structure for Canada.

Former Finance Minister and PM Paul Martin had brought in several surplus budgets and put Canada on firm financial and social footing.

Former NDP leader Jack Layton refused to wait for Justice Gomery’s final report because he knew it would exonerate Martin’s government against the sponsorship allegations.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Layton and his caucus did just that and joined forces with Conservative Stephen Harper to defeat Martin’s government.  If the NDP had any concern for Canada, it would have waited for the report.  It didn’t.

Martin had proposed a national day care strategy and worked out the Kelowna Accord with aboriginals.  The NDP supported Harper instead.  Now we’re stuck with Harper or face becoming a socialist state like Greece under NDP’s Mulcair.

By the way, kudos to our local private sector unions for working out a solid wage and benefit package with the largest local single private sector employer.  They managed this feat without the help of the NDP.  This is not union bashing.  It’s union praising.

It’s embarrassing that our federal NDP MP only recently became aware that this large single employer has been recycling e-waste for a number of years.  He actually published this lack of knowledge in a Nelson online newspaper.

Rose CalderonTrail