‘Opinion’ on wine and schools off base

I’d like to respond to the “opinion” expressed by Dave Thompson in Friday’s paper (Buying local one step in bridging division, May 6)

Oh my god, are you serious? You obviously know nothing about the restaurant business.

It’s all about cost of sales, etc.  If the ski hill or golf course bought a case of wine you so love (money out of their pocket until it’s sold) and it ended up costing $8.00 a glass, would anyone including yourself buy it?

All those people who walk onto the golf course to play a round without paying, do you think they would then go pay that much for a glass of local wine? No doubt, that wine’s price to a distributor is going to be higher than a large winery where costs are lower because their production is bigger.

That cost is passed onto the consumer plus a profit as with any business. I went to the winery’s website. There are plenty of other places locally you can buy that wine if you want. To call the operators of two businesses snooty because they don’t carry that particular wine is frankly unbelievable.

And another thing… hasn’t Trail and Warfield fought to keep their neighbourhood schools? Did you ever have kids in school? Wouldn’t it be better if it was near your house? Your nastiness towards us “up here” certainly isn’t doing anything to help with local tensions.

I don’t feel like a “Rosslander” because I haven’t lived here half a century but I certainly have a much lower opinion of one “Trailite.”

So as a Rosslander my “ick” factor towards Trail is all focused on one person now. I don’t believe that anyone who lives in Rossland feels the way you describe in the paper. That is just silly and juvenile.

A note to the new editor, please let Dave Thompson focus on sports. Perhaps he knows more about that subject.  His narrow-minded opinion on “things” should be kept to the bare minimum if he should be allowed one at all.

Grace Williams