Organizer needed for Terry Fox Run

The community of Trail needs a volunteer Run Organizer to help keep Terry’s message alive.

“My quest would not be a selfish one. I could not leave knowing these faces and feelings would still exist, even though I would be set free from mine.”

The people who look for the possibilities in an impossible task often make the difference, and Terry Fox was one of those people. It was Terry’s determination towards his ultimate goal – to outrun cancer – that exemplifies the importance of leading by example. Terry ran 5,373 kilometers and 143 days with the goal of seeking a cure for those affected by cancer and giving those around him something to hold onto – hope.

This year marks the 33rd annual Terry Fox Run and the community of Trail needs a volunteer Run Organizer to help keep Terry’s message alive.

By becoming a Run Organizer, you become an integral part of carrying Terry’s torch and helping Trail contribute towards finding a cure for cancer. Last year, the Terry Fox Foundation raised over $26 million for cancer research, and with your help we aim to build off of that.

The Foundation will help anyone who is interested in volunteering to be an Organizer through the planning process. It is incredibly important that someone steps forward immediately for this meaningful cause, as the Run is fast approaching and is taking place on Sunday September 15th.

“It would be such a shame for the people of Trail to miss out on an opportunity to keep Terry’s legacy alive as every community no matter how big or small can make a huge impact, just as Terry learned when a small town of 10,000 people raised over $10,000”, says Donna White, Provincial Director for the Terry Fox Foundation BC & Yukon.

Every contribution matters, and like Terry, we will continue to work together to outrun cancer.

If you are interested in becoming the Trail volunteer Run Organizer, please contact Donna White, Provincial Director at the Terry Fox Foundation by email at or by phone at 1-888-836-9786. Remember, the Runs are non-competitive and all inclusive; the registration fee is by donation and there is no minimum pledge amount.

For more information about The Terry Fox Foundation, visit

Donna White,

Provincial Director The Terry Fox Foundation, BC & Yukon