Owners must be responsible for pets

Big or small,, no matter the size, any dog can be a vicious dog.

Big or small, any dog can be a vicious dog.

Twice in the past year I have been bit by dogs, one small Jack Russell on June 13th this past week and large Boxer last spring, both in the Fruitvale area.

Neither dog was on a leash and darted at me from a yard.

The Jack Russell was down the block from where he lived roaming the neighbourhood as he has done on many occasions and is a nuisance.

Both have been reported to the SPCA with follow-ups to the owners.

Dog owners, don’t ever say that your  dog would never bite anyone because no dog can be trusted. I am a dog owner myself of many years and have had to have one of my dogs put down because he bit my own children. There was no hesitation with our decision.

Buck up you dog owners that let their dogs roam free. Be responsible and abide by the Bylaws of our communities.

License your dogs and keep them on a leash when  off your property and for some of you, on your property.

You’d be the first to complain if your dog got hit by a vehicle while roaming about. It’s not the dogs fault.

Be responsible!

Belle NormanFruitvale