Pedestrian bridge is the only option

"There is no option for a ROAD BRIDGE in our future. The only options are for Pedestrian/Pipeline Bridge or a stand alone Pipeline Bridge."

There is no option for a ROAD BRIDGE in our future. The only options are for Pedestrian/Pipeline Bridge or a stand alone Pipeline Bridge.

I would like to support what Terry Hanik submitted to the Editor, Friday June 13th regarding the old Bridge Petition. I agree with Terry, as my biggest fear is that this petition will cause Trail to lose getting a bridge at all.

Not having a pedestrian/pipeline bridge will prevent the ability to continue a walking route around the river.  As a Health Care provider in Trail I encourage walking for everyone. Like I say frequently to my patients “the human body is built to walk”.

I see this as a necessary benefit for our community.

Originally being from North Vancouver, I watched the seawall expansion on the North Shore develop and with it bringing many positive things to the areas it extends through and to the community as a whole.  Trail is a community forward with its thinking regarding pedestrians, as it has covered its stairways and has incredible walking paths and trails around town. Another benefit to this community both for residential and business is to connect the business areas of East and West Trail as the entrance for the bridge is close to Jubilee Park ending at McQuarre St.  It would be truly sad to loose this walking route.

We the residents of the City of Trail can not afford to sit by with inaction to the development of this town.  By not supporting this pedestrian/pipeline bridge we reduce the ability to draw new families and people to our town. The new lifestyle is to be active, so why would we not capitalize on this to support our only water feature?

Castlegar has realized that sustaining its Community means being proactive in supporting the lifestyle of the new generation. They are expanding their pedestrian options and increasing biking trails in their community. Are we not also a community trying to revitalize our town?

In my opinion, the City is responsible for supporting tourism by providing opportunities for tourism. Having a pedestrian bridge gives local businesses an opportunity to benefit from the increase in foot traffic. We can hope that local business will CAPITLIZE on this opportunity. Bring in, for example, bike races, running/walking events or races as this opens up a safe route.  There has been a specific request made to the Trans Canada Trail Network for this route to be added as it will be the longest suspension bridge in North America!  That is something to toot your horn about!

It should also be considered you can not reverse engineer the pipeline bridge at a later date to add the pedestrian walk way.

On the financial issue of keeping the Old Bridge, as it has been assessed by City Council the investment would only give the Old Bridge a life span another 10 years maximum.  In my opinion, it would not be financially prudent or responsible to the tax payers of Trail to use their funds for such a short lived project.

For those that have an emotional connection to the old bridge, I would support them in a campaign for a monument of a photo and history piece to honour the old bridge.

I encourage people to get out and vote for this Pedestrian/Pipeline Bridge . . . it is vital to the continued growth and development of our City.

Let’s do our best to see that we get this Pedestrian/Pipeline Bridge.

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Lizette Tucker