Planned house fire fouls West Trail air

Local resident unimpressed with planned burning of West Trail house.

I live in West Trail and on Sunday (April 12) the fire department decided to burn down an old house near the bridge.

Just so happens that myself, husband and three-and-a-half year old daughter were out for a walk when they lit it. The smoke coming from that fire was black and no doubt in our mind toxic.

Ourselves and many of our neighbors called in to complain and we were told that all the toxic stuff was removed.

I am no expert but there is no way that all toxins were removed, did they remove all the lead based paint, tar shingles on the roof etc.

If they did the smoke would no way have been that black!! In our opinion this was an extremely dumb move on the part of our Regional District.

Seeing as this house was so close to others they should have had some consideration and just demolished it instead of allowing the West Trail residents to inhale the awful smoke.

Then they have the nerve to say something about small contained fires in our own backyards.

Kerri Kutzner