Please pick up after your dog

Resident disgusted with piles of neatly wrapped up doggy bags hidden under snow.

I was born and raised in Annable on Haig St.

I now live in upper Warfield, I try and go for a walk down to visit my mother at least once a week and on the way down I was disgusted to see about 30 neatly wrapped up doggy bags of crap has the snow was finally melted.

They were thrown on both sides of the road for at least a quarter mile just past the last house on Haig St. heading to upper Warfield.

The number of people walking their dogs up this area has tripled in the last few years.

It’s a great place for a stroll with the pooch and people are great at picking up after their dogs in sight of the houses  but it seems some irresponsible owners feel that’s good enough and just toss the plastic filled crap into the bush when they’re out of sight.

So to the person or persons who are doing this remember plastic takes years to disperse while poop will dry up and break up within months, so if you have any consideration for the people who live around this area and the environment, go out for a walk some day and pick up your eyesore and stop giving the rest of us dog owners a bad name.

Happy trails.

Dennis Venturini