Pleased hockey merger fell short

Hooray for Beaver Valley minor hockey, and thank you to the membership who voted to defeat the motion for amalgamation with the Trail/Rossland Hockey association. This was a clear message for the BVMHA’s executive, who last year forced a partial amalgamation on the membership, without a membership vote.

It is encouraging to see that democracy was exercised this year.

The 2010-2011 hockey season saw a significant diminished use of our local arena, with the loss of our “best” players from pee-wee level, and up, competing for positions on “rep” teams, in Trail.

Those BV players who failed to make “rep,” were relegated to “makeup” rep teams within the Trail/Rossland hockey association. So BV lost all players who opted to “try out,” and BV played only “house” hockey, with the few left.

Those that favoured this partial amalgamation, exhibited a very loud, confrontational attitude at the 2010 AGM, against the people who wished to vote on the issue. I hope the executive, and their supporters are now aware of the negative impact their autocratic decision had, on our hockey players, our rink workers, our local economy, and on our communities’ spirit.

We certainly understand that there are children who possess greater abilities in the various levels of hockey, but did this tactic, really help anyone? Players who are exceptional will be noticed no matter where they play their game, and that fact is well represented in BV.

And do you really think it is fair that BV hockey and our facilities be jeopardized by a few parents who want to promote their children?

That can be done at your cost, at your discretion, without ruining BVMH.

We would like to see the membership change the BVMHA constitution, to enable all area residents, to vote at the BVMHA’s AGMs, instead of the restriction now in place, which we are only now aware of.

There are parents of future hockey players, figure skaters, who have an interest in seeing our BVMH, and arena, remain viable.

There are grandparents who are an indispensable asset for busy parents, who fill in where the need may be, and we all pay taxes for the amenities we are fortunate to have. We hope the change is made for inclusivity, rather than exclusivity, to assure that the desires of a few cannot dictate the course of BV minor hockey ever again.

Lastly, we ask this question. Is our BVMHA executive committed to the promotion and longevity of BV hockey? If this executive cannot act in the best interest of all BV hockey players, and the area they represent, then they have some personal choices to make.

We look forward to seeing a fully utilized rink this year, and see hockey players who will be proud (always were proud), to wear the BV jacket.

Go Hawks Go!!

Tom and Sally Browell