Pork pulling 101

Some recipes and sass talk from chef Darren Rossi.

The theme this month is pork. I mean pulled pork. Some of you may have never had the chance to pull your pork. While others are pork pulling masters. I am about to give you a full proof way to impress your friends with your pork pulling abilities. Now this is everything you need to pull your pork like a champ.

The Rub

¼ cup Hungarian paprika¼  cup  cane sugar2 tbsp salt2 tbsp ground cumin2 tbsp chili powder1 tbsp cayenne pepper2 tbsp fresh cracked pepper1 tbsp onion powder

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Store in a dry container until needed. This is great on chicken or even ribs.

The Tar Heel sauce

¼ cup butter1/3 cup minced onion1 tbsp minced garlic4 cup apple cider vinegar1/3 cup tomato paste2 tbsp Worcester-shire sauce2 tbsp soy sauce

Sauté the onion and garlic in butter until opaque. Add remaining ingredients  and cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Remove from heat. This is a great basting sauce for grilled or smoked meats. It can also be used as a dipping sauce.


The Slow Cooker

1 pork shoulder roast (bone in)The rubI medium yellow onion sliced½ cup apple cider vinegar2 tbsp Worcester-shire sauce2 tbsp Dijon mustard2 tbsp minced garlicTar heel sauce

Thoroughly apply the rub to the roast and leave covered in the fridge overnight. bake the roast at 450 degrees for ½ hour uncovered. While the roast is in the oven place remaining ingredients in slow cooker. Remove the roast from oven and place in slow cooker.

Cook for eight hours. Drain liquid, and remove the bone. Using two forks shred the meat as well as the onions. This is the pork pulling part of the game. Now add the tar heel sauce to taste.Either a little or a lot depending on your liking. Return the pulled pork to slow cooker to keep warm.  Serve on a bun and top with The BBQ sauce.


The BBQ Sauce

½ cup ketchup¼ cup brown sugar¼ cup honey1 ½ tbsp. chipotle pepper in adobo sauce2 tsp apple cider vinegar1 ½ tsp Worcester-shire sauce½ tsp minced garlic¼ tsp salt¼ tsp fresh cracked pepper

Combine all ingredients in a food processer until smooth.  Store in fridge until needed. Don’t be afraid to use this sauce on other things.