Premier should admit she’s wrong

"She did not count on teachers to value public education and love their students above their paychecks."

I was very disappointed when Christy Clark was elected as premier of BC. I did not vote for her.

However as time, and the teachers dispute, progressed I actually became very thankful that against all odds she became the leader. Let me explain my reasoning.

When Ms. Clark was Minister of Education she introduced legislation that stripped our children of funding that would help them become strong, confident, academically, socially and emotionally prepared students. I suspect she was hoping this would be the beginning of the end of public education. What she didn’t recognize was the tenacity and capabilities of the professional teachers she employed.

She didn’t recognize that social media would expose the truth behind what she told public media.

She did not count on the wisdom of the public to see through her $40 bribes. Lastly she did not count on teachers to value public education and love their students above their paychecks.

Did she think that depleting the BCTF strike funds completely by tying us up in legal battles would cause us to go back to work without ensuring that public education and equity for all B.C. children was defended?

If so, she sorely underestimated our courage and our passion.

So back to my point. Why am I thankful that against all odds Ms. Clark was elected? I am thankful because so often politicians are not held accountable for the devastation they have caused as a result of their choices and decisions, yet here she is having to face the real consequences of the policies she initiated over a decade ago.

I will humbly offer her the same advice I offer my students. Admit you were wrong (there is no shame in taking responsibility for your bad decisions). Apologize, then fix whatever you can to the best of your ability.

In my experience it is only the individual who is too filled with pride that can not do this.

We as parents, teachers and taxpayers will gain a little respect and even a little trust in our government if we see this happen.

Denise Mauro