Property sale encourages living in Trail

"People have been told that this is parkland when it is not in fact a park. It is a green space."

There seems to be some misleading information being circulated regarding the proposed changes to the status of some green space situated between 3650 and 3660 Rosewood.

People have been told that this is parkland when it is not in fact a park. It is a green space. It is not listed on Trail’s website as being a park nor is it shown on the Trail map as being a park. It isn’t even shown as green space on the Trail map. It is not zoned as a park but is zoned as single family residential (R1).

Two years ago, in 2011, the Deadmarsh family approached the City of Trail and inquired about the ownership of the land. They were planning to speak to the owners to see if they would entertain selling them the land. They were told that the City of Trail was the owner.  This is no different from someone approaching another person and asking if they would like to sell their property. The City of Trail had not listed the property but did entertain the notion of selling this particular piece of property. This is not underhanded. This is common business.

Realtors don’t approach neighbours to check if it is OK to list or sell a property. This is the business of the parties involved. Since the property is zoned for residential and the intended use is going to be residential then everything should proceed as planned.

It seems to me that the only use this property has received for the last 10 years is for the depositing of garden waste and grass clippings by the neighbours who you see taking it to the lot in their wheelbarrows. They dump their stuff over the river bank.

I have not seen anybody playing, picnicking, or even laying on a blanket in this lot. There are no playground pieces or picnic tables to even attract these activities.

There was a recent article in the Trail Daily Times about people not residing in Trail but commuting to Castlegar and other areas with a steady stream coming from Trail heading out in the late afternoon. It should be of vital importance that the citizens of Trail should encourage young people like the Deadmarsh family to stay within the community. They have lived in the area since childhood and have a child of their own now. They wish to live in Glenmerry.

Too many of the children of Trail have moved away to jobs and lives in other areas of the country.

We should be encouraging people to stay. Why would the people of Trail discourage this?

Dale SaundersonTrail