Put chamber front and centre

Local residents would like to see a more prominent location for the Trail and District Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Centre.

We feel compelled to comment on the recently released information about the downtown revitalization project.

If we had a visitor’s centre/chamber of commerce stop in one of the empty gas station locations (or some other ground level location), instead of in an upstairs office where there is no convenient parking, the ‘pillars’ (aka pigeon roosts) would be unnecessary. They are useless. The friendly people at the centre could tell people all about downtown (and the rest of our beautiful city). Now the latest brainwave is to convert the intersection of Bay and Farwell to a four-way stop.

This is one of the busiest intersections for pedestrians with a bank, credit union and clinic nearby.

Never, have I heard of a light-controlled intersection being changed (down-graded) to a four-way chaos stop! It is usually the reverse order. It is an insane idea.

The idea of having some permanent plantings instead of the wasteful annual plantings is good. It will be great to have some of both.

Norma Ellis,

Gloria and Gerry Berryman