Questioning KBRH heli-pad use

At a recent Save Our Services gathering in Nelson, the topic of a helicopter pad being completed and now available near the Trail hospital was discussed. It is helicopters to land that would transport the seriously ill or people who were injured in road vehicle accidents and the delivery to the treatment centre was a serious priority to have the required medical procedures delivered within the Golden Hour to prevent the onslaught of death and save the life of the patient. It’s very commendable that the funds were raised by local firms and taxpayers to construct the heli-pad. This pad was to achieve improved health services in the hospital’s service area. The concerns being raised now are:- is there a properly-fitted helicopter available and on-call with designed easy access and egress for loading and transporting the critically ill or injured people, along with their first aid attendants doctor, or nurses as required?- how many times has the new helicopter landing pad been used?- if the landing pad has not being used, what is required to make the landing pad facility fully operational for medical emergencies, so we may enjoy the completion of the improved plan to deliver patients quickly to the hospital facility when time is of the essence to sustain human life?Bob and Barb Johnson Nelson