Quit the blame game and find solution

"...give your residents and taxpayers the respect that we deserve by hearing what we are saying."

Well done Lana! (“Where should your taxes go?” Trail Times Jan. 29)

And oh so very true on so many levels, a pretty clear perspective of how out of hand this warring between the factions involved has become!

My husband and I, along with over 200 other passionate and concerned residents attended last Tuesday’s “community recreation consultation” meeting. Well it may have been well run, to say the very least for many it was a disappointing and frustrating experience.

From the onset it was clear that this was to be a very controlled environment.

Over 200 people did not really have a chance to “talk” with the area’s recreation committee as we were told what we were going to talk about and just how we were going to talk about it.

The “talk” to the committee consisted of over 200 people being allotted 15 minutes total on an open mike at the end of the meeting. I’m sure you can figure out how many people actually got a chance to voice their concerns.

Once again it is a blame game of who did or didn’t do what to who and in the mean time we all are being held hostage in a tat-for-tat situation by those elected who seem to have their own agendas cloaked in the guise of “doing what is best” for their citizens and taxpayers.

I have been involved in many events over the past 15 years that these communities as a whole were asked to pull together and support. Now these same officials have these communities feeling like they are barely even neighbours let alone friends.

Well we are friends and neighbours, we live work and play together and have supported each other in times of adversity and need regardless of which community we live in.

Come on people, if you want our children to stop bullying on the playground then the adults need to get into the act themselves!

Sit down and figure out what it is you need to do to find a fair and reasonable solution for all and give your residents and taxpayers the respect that we deserve by hearing what we are saying.

United we stand – divided we all fall!

Lynda DoyleMontrose