RDKB has yet to commit money to sewer line river crossing

"In 2011 the RD Sewer Committee made a decision to proceed with investigating an Aerial crossing of the Columbia."

Many residents of the RDKB sewer collection area have asked for some clarity as to any commitment from the RDKB in support of a Trail Pedestrian Bridge. The following is abbreviated information as to the RDKB Sewer Committee’s actions.

From a Regional perspective the sewer interceptor must be removed from the Old Trail Bridge as soon as possible. Hence the details that follow.

In 2011 the RD Sewer Committee made a decision to proceed with investigating an Aerial crossing of the Columbia. At the time the aerial crossing that would hang a pipeline only from cables was estimated to cost $2 million. This was a less costly option than using existing structures and cheaper than going through or under the river.

The revised costing of the aerial crossing went to $4.5 million earlier this year. This estimate was reflected in the RDKB 5 year plan as a “placeholder item”.

In June the revised engineered cost for an aerial crossing (hanging a pipeline on cables) exploded to $7.5M. Cost to each participant is approximately Trail $4.6 million, Rossland $1.9 million, Warfield $900,000.

This refined estimate caused the committee concern and the RD Staff was asked to bring back revised costing for other options. These revised costs were to come to the committee on Aug 5, unfortunately Trail’s Representative and Chair of the Committee cancelled the meeting and no proper discussion has taken place to date.

The staff report in the Aug. 5 agenda highlights two other options as well as the aerial crossing.

As mentioned aerial crossing $7.5 million Victoria Street Bridge $2.7 million Trench and Backfill (under river bottom) $3.4 million. Undoubtedly all options have pros and cons. It is apparent that the aerial crossing may have become cost prohibitive. It is unfortunate that the committee has not had the opportunity to discuss these revisions publicly.

The RDKB has not committed any monies to any crossing option. There may well be an opportunity to co-operate with the City of Trail should the citizens wish to proceed with a bridge. The basis of any negotiations must be based on the most cost effective pipe crossing option.

The issues are not easily explained in print. Should anyone wish to discuss the matter in person, feel free to give me a call 250-231-6525.

Greg Granstrom

Mayor Rossland

RDKB Director