Referee never decides the outcome of a game

A response to the Letter to the Editor printed in the Friday, March 15 issue of the Trail Times.

I read, with some dismay, the letter entitled “Refereeing shouldn’t determine outcome” published on Friday, March 15.

I am not sure what game Mr. Phillipoff saw but the one we saw was an incredibly entertaining “Jungle B” hockey game.  I am at a loss to understand how a game that was won late in the second overtime could be “one sided” but I guess it’s all in the perspective.

I have officiated both hockey and baseball in this area for the last 30 years or so and I often see things at games we attend that I don’t like or agree with.

However, I also realize that things never look so cut and dried from the on ice (or field) perspective as they do from the cheap seats. The angles are different, the focus is different and the view is not as wide or all encompassing and you don’t have your buddies sitting beside you to alter your opinion or to impress with your vast knowledge of the game.

The other thing that I know (in this context) is that the referee almost never decides the outcome of a game. This particular game had the Nighthawks lose a two-goal lead twice and miss numerous chances in the overtime.  The bottom line is that the Rebels capitalized on one more chance than the Nighthawks.

As a Beaver Valley (past, present and future) season ticket holder I would like to thank the players, coaches and all the volunteers for an entertaining season. See you next year.

Bill MacMillan,