Remember the real meaning of Christmas

Warfield resident reminds us Christmas isn't just about presents and eggnog.

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  Well, it is in my opinion.

Now, I know some people don’t feel the same way, and I almost cringe, yet feel sad when I hear the dreaded words, “I just hate Christmas.”

Yes, there is so much hype, stress and commercialism  around the holiday, but, you don’t have to buy into it.  You don’t have to purchase the tinsel, eggnog, and all that sparkly stuff, do you?  There is so much more to Christmas, and the real reason we celebrate it, but , it is you and you only that has to find that reason, your special reason.

We put the news on and, wow, do they promote all the negative issues in the world, you can even watch all 24 hours of your day if you choose.

What I hope, is that you realize that there is still good in our world, there are still so many good, loving, wonderful, caring people in our world, and right here in our communities, and I hope right there in your corner of the world.

They are there, just look, your partner, family, kids, your close friends, the ones that you can phone at 3 in the morning, if something is wrong.

These are the ones that you  can depend on, the ones that help.

You need to tell these people how “Important” they are in your lives, they should know.

How about this season, we focus on the positive things that happen daily, the small acts of “Kindness” we see, that happen every second of every day.  Again they are there, you just need to watch and listen.

As, Trains, Christmas song, says, “Shake up the Happiness:, “Fill the world with Happiness”, and I am saying, “Let’s send some happiness and fill our world with happiness, cause it’s Christmas Time”!!

Merry Christmas to all , and I  hope that you are on Santa’s “Nice” list this year.

Deborah Shergold