Rossland’s big infrastructure project begins

One of the largest infrastructure projects in a number of years has begun in the City of Rossland.

One of the largest infrastructure projects in a number of years has begun in the City of Rossland.

The upgrading of sewer, water and storm piping along Columbia Avenue as well as Washington Street to 1st Avenue is the first phase in a very comprehensive overall project to be completed by the end of October of this year.

This will be followed by the complete replacement of the sidewalks and to top it off a fresh new asphalt surface.

While the piping is not the most glamorous component it is most significant in the efficient operation of the City.

These upgrades will be in service for the next 50 years.

Another component of the project is the Streetscape.

“Bulb Outs” in the sidewalks will be at the intersections along Columbia Avenue.

These are a widening of the concrete surface in a “bulb” shape that narrows the roadway and allows for marked crosswalks without obtrusive overhead signage.

This will make the pedestrian journey across Columbia a more relaxed event. The “Bulb Outs” also will have a calming effect on traffic.

One of the more contentious design issues was that of widening the north sidewalk of Columbia between Queen Street and Washington and removing angle parking in favour of parallel parking.

This has been left out of the final project.

There will be upgrades to Harry Lefevre Square that will enhance the area and make it a welcoming gathering place in the center of downtown.

The streetscape will also feature trees along Columbia Avenue.

Some of the hardy trees that already thrive on Columbia will be replanted. Unfortunately a few will not, however they will be planted in other areas of the City.

The final component is the asphalt and surface drainage along Columbia and up Washington. The City has worked closely with the Ministry of Transportation, ministry staff have been very co-operative and supportive in this project.

Construction is underway, there will be inconveniences as we move forward. Parking will be limited along Columbia at times.

The city is developing the lot off Washington next to the Thrift Store as well as other sites for convenient parking. There will be signage highlighting these sites.

The city has set up several information avenues for getting up to date information regarding construction schedules.

The City website is updated regularly.  ISL Engineering, the City’s Project Manager has a store front office across from the Prestige on Columbia Avenue where persons can drop in.

Further ISL has a contact number 250-512-1641 for Dave Swift the Construction Supervisor.

Also there is a Communication Task Force in place that can be reached at, as well as on Facebook at ‘Rossland City Council, via Jody Blomme.”

The Task Force will be providing up to date information to the press as well. Individual councillors are always available to answer enquiries.

Most importantly Rossland is open for business!

Please continue to support your local businesses, their exceptional products and services  are the pulse of our downtown.

Greg Granstrom is the Mayor of Rossland. Community Comment is written by elected officials in Greater Trail.