School capacity facts stand

Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I can respond to Jim Ling’s chef d’oeuvre of March 8 (Letters, Hope Rose Runs for B.C. Liberals).

Again, Mr. Ling cannot rebut the facts presented in my March 1 letter describing the under capacity of Rossland schools, so he attacks the messenger with absurd speculation that I somehow have power to close schools. Where does this paranoia come from, anyway?

If Mr. Ling were paying attention during the closure of Trail Middle School he would know what Justice McEwan’s ruling was on the matter. Essentially, he ruled that the elected trustees had the right to close schools in the school district. Board policy 5.71.R states: “the final decision to permanently close a school will be done by board motion at an open meeting, and in accordance with current legislative requirements.”

I do not begrudge Mr. Ling his politics nor his support of a particular party. That is his right and I would not mock him publicly as a result.

Nor would I use sarcasm if he chose to run as MLA or MP. I would say, ‘Great, good show, get involved!’

However, I do find disturbing Mr. Ling’s implied threat of a gang-up because of my political views. This is a free and open society, not a Communist country.

Calm yourself, Mr. Ling, I have no intention of running for MLA or MP nor do I have any authority to close schools.  If your request to join the BC Liberals was sincere, I will gladly sign you up for membership. I would be glad to have you aboard.

Rose Calderon