School conditions hinder enrolment

Local resident weighs in on why SD 20 registration numbers may be down.

I am writing in response to the article regarding School District 20 registration (Trustees seek ways to boost kindergarten registration, Trail Times Jan 31).

My child was one of the 100 students that pulled out of kindergarten in September 2013. It wasn’t an easy decision, but a necessary one for the health and safety of my child.

After taking several tours of some of the schools in our district the same results were found: the schools are dirty. Basic cleaning is no longer taking place due to staff cutbacks. From the bathrooms having urine tracked into the main hallway to the dust and mold that cover the heating and air return vents.  Floors, chairs and desks that are no longer being cleaned regularly or, in some cases, never!

To all the dead flies that line the light fixture covers to the desks and the playgrounds that are not being repaired and are falling apart. The fields are only getting mowed a few times a year. It really is heart breaking to see.

Teachers, staff and students are constantly ill. Whether or not you have school aged children, this should be a concern to the whole community, as flu and other viruses are so easily and rapidly spread.

To me, this looked like something you would expect to find in a third world country, not in our beautiful community.

Don’t our children deserve better?

Our conclusion was we could not have our child spend 12 years of her education under these circumstances. When did these low standards become so acceptable?

If School District 20 cannot provide a safe and healthy learning environment for our children, the numbers will continue to drop.

Jayme Fowler,