‘SNo Fun Run recruiting keeners

'Sno Fun Run has been a 30-year tradition and they are looking for new joggers to join the group.

Anyone out there interested in a bit of healthy exercise to start the New Year?  Nothing too ambitious of course; a lot less ambitious than hurling yourself into the Columbia River.

Please say yes since us old folks who have been doing the ‘SNo Fun Run for the past 30 years or so need a bit of help to keep up the tradition.  Mind you, if this sounds like a seniors’ special, there’s still life in the old dogs yet so you might be surprised.

But it’s not a race, really; just a fun jog in the brisk mountain air.

It’s a 5 or 10 K jog, or anything in between for that matter, whatever feels good, up the Cascade Road from the Museum parking lot.  It starts at noon on New Year’s day.  No prizes for the winner, it’s not a race.

The best part might be the re-hydrating afterwards while tall tales are told of how fast we used to run; when the Nooners’ Jogging Club was the scourge of the Kootenay race circuit; when Nooners really were hard to beat.

See you there?  Phone me at 362-5459 if you need more information.

Graham Kenyon