Some choices can’t be trivialized

Local resident responds to an opinion article in the April 12 edition of the Trail Times.

To compare the choice of whether to eat pork or not (for religious reasons in the case cited) to the choice of abortion, trivializes a serious issue (Quotes can be a key to shape thinking, Trail Times April 12).

More often than not, women who choose abortion are being coerced or pushed into it by a spouse, friend or parent. That choice is permanent for the child in the womb, and women suffer emotional and physical damage that may be permanent as well.

Because the woman isn’t aware yet that she is pregnant, doesn’t negate the fact that she is already  pregnant.  Women have known throughout time, that when they conceive, life has begun, now science proves it through routine ultrasound images.

I would agree that those who don’t eat pork shouldn’t try to make it illegal for the rest of the population. But more importantly, a quote that hopefully would shape Mr. Eckersley’s thinking and others who agree with abortion, either by promotion or silence, could be;

“Already born.  Doesn’t try to stop the birth of others.”

Marty Makway