Speak out against Interior Health spending

We wish to express grave concern over the announcement in the April 14 edition of  the Trail Times (Care homes get more funding) regarding the hiring by Interior Health of four new coordinators.

Over the past decade, we have watched as the number of front-line workers in the health care system has dwindled and the number of administrators has increased to the point where we now have an inverted pyramid in terms of staff positions in Interior Health.

There is considerable cost associated with each new administrative position that is added and this is very troubling to the public as it is seen as wasteful.

At the same time as more administrative positions are being put in place, the government is expressing concern about the high cost of health care.

People need hands-on care, not layers and layers of administrators/coordinators with their secretaries, offices, office equipment, vehicles, etc.

We want the government  and Interior Health to reconsider this very costly approach to using our limited health care dollars.

We need to go back to a simplistic and local administrative approach, which is much more cost effective.

At the same time, we need to have many more front-line workers hired to help patients directly.

Anyone who shares these concerns should contact the Interior Health corporate office in Kelowna.

Margaret Crawford