Stewardship effort greatly appreciated

Resident pleased with consideration and pride offered by Waneta area workers.

Over the past two years I have frequented the Waneta area (the local airport, the rodeo grounds, the dog park) as I have been running along the highway from WalMart to the Waneta Expansion Project area.  I know that many others (runners or cyclists) have also been along this stretch of road and have likely had similar experiences to my own.  I certainly hope so!

I was there today, running along the highway and it struck me that I ought to share my observations of the Waneta Expansion Project area with anyone interested in reading my letter.

Every single time I am in that area I encounter workers, trucks and truckers, heavy equipment and operators and consistently everyone is very cordial and cautious as they are passing me by.

All of the folks that work in the area seem to have a great sense of pride in the work they do and the results that they leave behind.  I also run off the highway on trails throughout the area, and again every area that I have passed through is very neat, tidy and has great signage.

For all the partner companies that are in the area working on the Waneta Expansion Project in particular, I want to say thank you very much for taking such great care of our local environment.

We, the local residents, are very fortunate that we can continue to enjoy this area while this very important construction project is also occurring.  Although much of the workforce (at the project) is here temporarily, they behave with a sense of belonging (like it is their own) that makes me so proud of them and the organizations they represent!!  Congratulations on great stewardship.

Sandi MacArthur