Stint on council an eye-opener

New Montrose councilor, Mary Gay, reflects on the wonderful new things she has learned.

As a new councilor, the last seven months have been eye opening to say the least. I have learned so much in a very short time, from how important water is to the amazing number of volunteers in our community.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the village staff. The help I have received from our CAO, and Deputy Clerk to the amazing public works department. All have been wonderful with tours of our facilities to help with planning events in my new role as Recreation Commission Chair. Thanks you all!

And a huge welcome to our newest member of the Public Works Department Mr. Brian Clarke, he is a summer student and you can see him out and about working very hard for the village. Mr. Clarke is a university student hired by the village through the help of a government grant to help as summer relief for our regular crew. This is a long-standing program in the village designed to give a good job to a returning to university student that resides in the village. Council believes strongly in supporting our young people. We wish Brian all the success when he returns to University.

As always volunteers are in short supply, we need the young people to come out and help us plan events such as Montrose Family Fun Day, Halloween and Seniors’ Dinner. New people with new ideas are always welcome.

As you are all aware we are back on our own water system. Council wishes to thank the Beaver Falls Water Commission and all the residents for their cooperation during this trying time. Now that we are back up and running council wishes to remind residents that year round water restrictions are now in place. From 5th street to Beaver Falls is even days from 6-8, and from 5th Street to the cut off is odd days from 6-8. If you have underground sprinklers you should be watering from midnight to 4 a.m. on the appropriate day only.

The village is excited to have Ms. Diana Lupieri with us for the summer as a CBT Sponsored water smart ambassador. If you make an appointment with her she will come to your house and do a core sample of your lawn and give you tips on how to maximize your lawn’s potential all while conserving water.

Diana can also look at underground sprinkler systems with you to make sure you are using it to its full potential. Please feel free to contact Diana @ 250-368-1258, email and you can follow Diana and her water adventures through her blog at

There have been numerous bear sightings in the village. Please secure your garbage and do not put garbage out until the morning of collection. Remove pet food, birdseed and compost wisely to ensure the bears do not find a food source in your yard. Bears have amazing sense of smell and memory once they find a food source they will keep returning.  If the village is required to contact conservation over a nuisance bear, chances are the bear will be destroyed.

Council is moving forward with new well and chlorination project, we have just entered the design phase and expect work to be started in early fall with a tentative completion date of spring 2013.

While the sunshine has yet to appear the kids will be out for summer vacation council wants to remind everyone to please watch your speed whether on the highway or on our streets. Kids that are playing may not be as attentive as they should, please slow down.

Before I wrap this up I wish to extend a hearty congratulations to Walter Crockett, the 2012 Montrose Citizen of the Year.

Mary Gay is a councillor for the Village of Montrose. Community Comment is written by elected officials from municipal councils.