Stop spending and the price of oil will stop rising

I am so tired of listening to the deception that overwhelms the consumer and ultimately the taxpaying public every time the price of oil just twitches . . . they always blame it on crude.

Crude has not risen more than $5 a barrel in the last few days and already the talking heads are all warning us about the inevitable rise of food costs along with all other things, and “all due to crude.”

Moreover the consumer does not seem to want to inform himself as to the real reason for the coming inflation . . . and the price of crude is a very secondary cause.

The real cause of the inflation that we will inevitably experience is due to the massive creation of the money supply both south of the border as well as in Canada.

It is a simple fact that if money is printed, by selling the bonds (and the future) of a country that, yes, the consumers will respond and spend, spend, spend . . . and so will the government orks and overpaid corporate banksters who are behind it all . . . although these latter ones are going to spend  the money outside their respective countries – in some foreign seashore with their toes in the warm sand, with never a care as to the cost of oil and resultant pollution to transport their little candy (backsides) to that location.

If consumers could come to understand that responding to the consumer invitational ads to buy some truck or some other consumer item, and finance it over however many years, is just playing into the hands of the banksters who are financing them.

They need to learn to put their private interests on hold and to wait the five years it may take to save the money for their purchases instead of enriching the financial international corporations with interest payments.

It may come as a surprise to most consumers to learn that their banking system along with their so called federal central banks are all privately owned by international banksters . . . and for god’s sake buy their shares and don’t buy their products . . . leave that to the Third World populations.

As for oil and gasoline, they are just more consumer products along with food and transportation, and all are rising due to the printing and release of money, the stimulation that the governments keep bragging about.

At this point in time the yearly deficits of North America cannot be decreased and they are adding to our growing debt each year due to the interest payments on the debt.

That is why we are all engaging in make-work projects wherever you look.  We are draining lakes in order to open mines that probably will do no more than cause pollution, and pay interest to the banks who control the national debt.

It is unlikely that they will actually be able to pay down the debt itself, and if this is not done and soon, it will not be possible to do so.  Even forcing the consumer to pay taxes in addition to interest payments will not be sufficient for their freedom.

And that spells catastrophe for future generations as we attempt to pay down just the yearly interest on the debt, never mind the debt itself, exporting all of our raw logs, our metals still in the ground, and even our water in a futile attempt.

The focus must shift away from all of the distortions that the media puts out, such as the price of oil,  and refocus on the real question – the international corporations and their financial interwoven system, and their legal support they have garnered.

Sovereign nations must take control and create their own national banking systems, and voters must pay attention.

Len Penner