Suzuki living in Wonderland

"David Suzuki continues to contribute to the propaganda campaign that wrongly demonizes carbon dioxide..."

David Suzuki continues to contribute to the propaganda campaign that wrongly demonizes carbon dioxide (CO2). (“We ignore scientists at our peril”, Trail Times, June 20) His article is a travesty of science!

In reality, CO2 is a vital component of the carbon cycle and is essential for plant growth. Without CO2, animal and plant life is not possible.

A historical review of the planet’s inventory of biologically available carbon (as CO2) reveals that our environment has been severely de-carbonized as a result of the formation of carbonate rocks (e.g. limestone). Consequently, we are now living in a CO2-impoverished atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the consumption of all known coal, oil, and gas deposits will replace only a very small fraction of the sequestered CO2. The atmosphere will remain CO2 impoverished.

And CO2 does not have any magical warming powers. Such a belief violates basic scientific principles. Please be assured that CO2-induced global warming exists solely in the mythical computer world of fatally-flawed climate models.

Contrary to what Suzuki claims, global warming did stop more than 15 years ago. This fact is confirmed by satellite measurements. Clearly, we are now experiencing one of nature’s reoccurring cooling cycles, the last one having been recorded during the years 1940 to 1976.

What happened to Al Gore’s runaway-warming “tipping points”? Why did the alarmists change the title of their narrative from “global warming” to “climate change”? Did they think that we wouldn’t know that climate has been changing since the beginning of time?

Acceptance of Suzuki’s garbage “science” will not only result in the impoverishment of our economy, it will also encourage the ‘polluting’ of our landscape with 400-foot high, unreliable, and costly wind-turbine farms. Tragically, thousands of birds and bats are being slaughtered every year by these ‘bird blenders’.

Thorpe Watson, PhDWarfield