The climate is always changing

A response to the May 3 letter to the editor, 'Climate change evidence exists'.

The fact that climate continues to change, as it has since the beginning of time, doesn’t mean that carbon dioxide (“CO2”) is now playing a significant role as a driver of climate. This is what Aaron Cosbey would like you to believe in his letter to the editor (Climate change evidence exists, Trail Times, May 3).

The “climate change” narrative (aka “human-induced, global warming”) has the potential to undermine our economy and, in the extreme, to reduce us to third world status. It encourages politicians to implement  anti-hydrocarbon-fuel policies (aka “green-energy policies”), which will inevitably result in their respective economies suffering irreversible damage.

The economies of Ontario and Europe demonstrate the job-destroying nature of so-called green-energy policies. For example, the Kidd Creek smelter, Timmins, Ontario, was recently closed and the mine’s concentrates are now being shipped to Noranda to take advantage of the lower power rates in Quebec. The bird-killing, wind-turbine farms of Ontario will not support an industrial economy.

Contrary to what Mr. Cosbey stated, pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere is not only harmless but will enhance the “greening” of the planet, including crop production. He correctly states that the “CO2 stored in limestone” is greater than what is in the atmosphere. However, Mr. Cosbey fails to recognize the origins of that  “stored CO2”.

Yes, Mr. Cosbey is correct in stating that “last September’s Arctic ice cover was the lowest on record” but fails to tell us that the record was only for the period 2002 to 2012. Furthermore, he fails to tell us that a severe Arctic storm was responsible for the reduced ice cover in 2012 and that Alaskans are now experiencing what seems to be an endless winter.

More important, the variation of Arctic sea ice does not provide support for the hypothesis that CO2 is a driver of climate.

Nor does the apparent increased flow of Antarctic ice offer any support for the hypothesis. With temperatures less than minus 40 degrees, it cannot be attributed to CO2-induced global warming.

The sole support for the alarmist’s message is found in the mythical computer world of fatally-flawed climate models.

The following link provides a graph showing the flawed nature of 44 climate models.

As for Mr. Cosbey’s assertion that “climate scientists have never called it global warming”, I will leave that for the reader to decide the veracity of this statement.

If our politicians lack the courage to denounce the false climate-change narrative and its wrongful demonization of CO2, BC will surely follow Ontario down its “green” and scandal-ridden road to bankruptcy.

Thorpe Watson, PhWarfield