Times owes Rossland an apology

The Trail Daily Times provides the opportunity for individual elected officials to express ideas and or information relevant to their communities, and the region, in this column, Community Comment. The fundamental premise, as I was made aware, was to offer comment that informed the public on matters of community interest.

The Community Comment also provides the Times with a column that may assist to garner community readership and help the Times in its efforts to remain a viable community newspaper, relevant to the entire region.

It is with the utmost disbelieve, that the very publication that is trying to reach out to our communities, prints what can only be described as inflammatory and hurtful dribble (“Buying local one step bridging division,” May 6 by David Thompson).

Comments that, to many, Times readers was so inflammatory, decisions have been made to cancel subscriptions, and provoked a strong negative reaction by many very regional thinking, caring persons, to such harmful trash printed on the “sports page.”

All the positive attempts at moving our region forward co-operatively and most certainly RESPECTFULLY, have been overshadowed by a most despicable piece of prose, which can only be described as tabloid journalism at it’s worst.

I would hope the Trail Times is not testing the waters for its relevance in our communities by inflaming the very persons that support this publication.

There are very relevant businesses that use the pages of the Times to inform and promote business. How does this garbage help promote their goods and services? Do these advertisers support “Sports and Things?”

The people of our region get along well, we have differences, no doubt, we share a great many goals and aspirations.

We want the region we call home, to succeed and prosper.

We want to see our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to succeed within their own community.

We have far more in common than is ever recognized, by persons that wish to see us fail.

The editorial on the sports page was in extremely poor taste.

The author’s attempt at journalism, I trust, did nothing to bolster advertising or circulation of the Times, absolutely nothing toward the well being of the region, and without a doubt the author’s attempt to be relevant fails very miserably.

I cannot believe a community newspaper would allow its voice to be used, by an individual, in an attempt to be hurtful and most disrespectful to the communities the Trail Times attempts to reach.

Mistakes are made, apologies can be positive

On behalf of the City of Rossland, I ask that the Trail Times provide an apology for this mistake in editorial judgement. Readers of this long-standing publication may have been offended, Rosslanders certainly are.

Greg Granstrom is the Mayor of Rossland.

Community Comment is written by elected officials from all five municipal councils in Greater Trail. It runs on a rotating basis every Wednesday.