Too much representation for our population

Resident comments on the number of representatives that service our communities.

How could our tax dollars be better spent in the Central Kootenay and Boundary area?

There is a combined population of approximately 90,329 in the Regional District of Central Kootenay and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary which includes all the cities, towns, villages and rural residents.

There are 17 municipal councils with a combined elected representation of 97. There are two regional district governments with 33 elected representatives equalling 130 elected and paid.

Within these districts are four school districts with a total of 30 trustees elected and paid.

There are three members to the provincial Legislature who are elected and paid and one Member of Parliament elected and paid.

All these elected to represent 90,329 people.

These elected bodies were needed in the early 1900s as this area was the economic engine of the province with the early mining and timber industries. Could we combine some of these responsibilities to reflect the size of the population the elected represent and control our tax dollars?

Robert Barkley