Topping Street residents suffering again

Summer is here, school is out, and people are making the most of it.
Except for the homeowners and residents situated along Topping Street in West Trail.

Summer is here, school is out, and people are making the most of it.

Except for the homeowners and residents situated along Topping Street in West Trail.

For the second summer in a row, sections of Topping are being torn up to replace old drainage and sewer pipe, and the people who live along there are being subjected to a complete disruption of their lives. Canada Post Parcels are not being delivered, parking is already at a minimum along this narrow street and the Trail Transit Bus Service for this area has been canceled for the duration of the BS (meaning at least until the end of the first week of September).

Regional Transit was abiding for the first week in it’s task of trying to give the people along Topping and Daniel Street (who do completely rely on the #2 Columbia Heights Bus) one single run at the end of each weekday at 5 p.m., but nothing on Saturdays. This was promised for the entire time of the second annual disruption caused by City Hall and their Maintenance Yard/Contractor, but after one single week was cancelled by the local Transit Manager. Meaning?

He lied to the people who came to accept the promise given only a little over a week earlier. Trail City Hall (aka Mayor Bogs and City Council) true to the nature one would expect from the Blooming Idiot Ego mentality emanating from them (ie: $80,000 Dead Palm Trees, $34,000 Giant Flower Planters, the no doubt over-priced and ridiculously large Explore Trail Banner hiding the empty ESSO Gas site…) does not care if the latest reconstruction is causing any hardships to those people in the area where this disruption in daily life is taking place.

It’s not happening in front of their homes so why should they be concerned?

Canada Post parcels are still coming to their homes and if they so choose they can ride the local Transit System with no problems.

And when questioned Bogs would try to shift the blame that they themselves caused onto the transit itself. No one wants to take any responsibility for the cancellation of transit service (especially Mayor Bogs).

Well, from what I understand, City Hall may not be able to distance themselves much longer because after now three weeks of no transit service, people along Topping and Daniel are getting fed up (myself included).

One resident is angrily talking about bringing this to the attention of CBC, CTV, and Global, and has been talking to a lawyer about some sort of lawsuit over the degradation in the quality of life.

There is a lady in her 80s who lives right in the middle of the current street disruption and if she happens to die within the next few weeks because an ambulance could not get to her in time due to the road being torn up in front of her house…?

Well, I can see a major lawsuit against City Hall and upon its conclusion no more money in the coffers for those other things the city stupidly buys without getting any say or consensus from the general public (and that includes really, butt-awful, ugly white baseball and hockey statues).

Bad PR is not good Mr. Bogs no matter how one views it and if attempted to avoid enough this one situation is not going to go away as egotistically and arrogantly expected.

Don Ball