Trail council getting too greedy

“Friends and neighbours, if you want to use our facilities, you will pay double.”

This letter is not directed to the fine citizens of the City of Trail, but to their mayor and council who will once again have to deal with the recreation issue that has raised its ugly head and an issue which they created. I still find it unbelievable that a city who has over 62 per cent taxes paid by TeckCominco would pass a motion that basically says “Friends and neighbours, if you want to use our facilities, you will pay double.”

In my previous 15 years of municipal politics I had never seen or heard a more greedy self-serving and divisive item put forward.

It is unfortunate that Beaver Valley stepped up to the plate so quickly with a bag of money but I understand their motive. It is my belief that they thought their gesture would keep the City of Trail away from their Waneta Dam. They should have known that one cannot deal honourably with dishonourable people.

The chickens have come to roost and Beaver Valley has opted out of this municipal ransom deal perpetrated by the City of Trail and I sincerely hope that the Village of Warfield does the same.

If the Village of Warfield Council took the $75,000 dollars they pay Trail for recreation and shared it with Warfield homeowners, they could give each one a $100 dollar reduction on their house tax bill or split it between the residents and the needed upgrades to our community hall. It should be noted that the Village also gives about $35,000 dollars to the library every year and at the time of thus letter, I hear that the City of Trail is asking for double or triple that amount. “Enough is enough!”

In closing, let me say that I believe that everyone in this area should share in the taxes from Teck/Cominco, the Dams and utility companies. We could share on a per/capita basis or any other fair manner. We would also share in the operation and maintenance of all facilities in whatever formula is agreed upon.

This opinion is not about amalgamation, but far from it but is about co-operation, trust and friendship.

Bill Trewhella,Warfield