Trail Rec services feud disappointing

"Each side has taken a righteous stand in blaming the other for a situation that has now stuck 2,700 or so people in no man’s land."

In regards to the BVPARTS opting out of their agreement with the City of Trail the first thing I want to say is how disappointed I am to be writing this letter in the first place!

I have had conversations with representatives of both “sides” as well as having read letters in the paper from both “sides” in this matter and what I see and hear is a lot of finger pointing and blaming.

Each side has taken a righteous stand in blaming the other for a situation that has now stuck 2,700 or so people in no man’s land.

The City of Trail insists that BVPARTS was given the information they required, BVTPARTS insists that it was incorrect and not specific enough for their needs making it impossible to determine if this agreement was in the best interest of their residents and taxpayers.

So with no public input or consultation from these said taxpayers and residents three people made a decision to opt out of this agreement.  This has had an immediate impact on fee paying for facility use.

I have a problem with not being given a voice or being heard prior to this coming down. I understand and appreciate the concern of making sure we are getting the best bang for our buck, but when it is my buck I want to be included in the decision process before it happens not after.

This situation did not happen overnight, but the bomb being dropped on all those concerned certainly did.

Last week I wanted to buy a 20 time pass for my husband for Christmas and was not able to do so as I was told that he wouldn’t use up the 20 times before the end of the year.  What?

As of now, I will have to pay more than double for a flex pass for the 2014 session of Pickleball.  I, along with many others am a senior wanting to stay active, and the reality is we are on fixed incomes.

It’s all well and good to hold a meeting in January after the fact and ask for our input, and to suggest that a reimbursement fee is being worked on. What does that mean exactly, how long is implementing this reimbursement system going to take, could this not have been done earlier in this whole process?

Greater Trail, what exactly does that mean?  Were we not all asked to come together as a community at large for the Winter Games, for the Senior Games?  Are we not all encouraged to shop and support our local businesses?  Are we not all a part of the big picture?

At this point it is entirely unclear to me as to who’s right and who’s wrong – if indeed someone needs to be wrong and someone needs to be right.  It is however sad and disappointing to me to see these communities at such odds with each other.  It’s not easy to teach your children and/or grandchildren about respect, harmony and cooperation when it appears to be wanting in their own back yards.

Lynda DoyleMontrose