Trail swim coaches deserve praise

"This year the Trail Swim team has been blessed with two excellent coaches that I feel need to be recognized..."

This year the Trail Swim team has been blessed with two excellent coaches that I feel need to be recognized and praised for their roles as leaders. Samme Beatson and Amanda Macasso have brought an atmosphere of hard work and technical insight, along with an attitude of enjoyment and unity, to the summer swim team.

These two young ladies are always on deck, totally focused, and interactive with all the swimmers with systemized workouts geared for a lot of energy output.

Because of great communication and organization on their part, there is a spirit of harmony and leisure in the pool.  Not only in practice, but at all the swim meets, the coaches show they are true captains of the team by inspiring and cheering on all the members to their personal best.

Swimming is not only “putting in the hours at the pool” but learning to love the sport on a personal level while encouraging and celebrating victories of fellow team mates.

A good balance of aspiring individual excellence, along with a sense of comradeship that views one another with respect, wherever they may be in the swimming world, is what defines true sportsmanship. I am proud to say that the Trial Stingray coaches demonstrate these attributes with maturity and humility.

This season, Samme and Amanda have greatly improved the technical development of the swimmers by focusing on their stroke formation.

I am a swimming Mom, and along with my 14-year-old son, we are in our second season of competitive swimming.

I love the time I spend in the water with all the kids, getting to know them and watching their swimming times improve over the summer.  I have especially enjoyed the training experience under Samme and Amanda.

I want to publicly acknowledge and thank the Trail Stingray coaches for their hard work at an athletic level but also as character role models as coaches.

Sports needs to remain a place where anyone with an interest and aptitude is welcome into an environment that is undivided in regards to ability.

Thanks to the coaches and keep up the splendid work!

Sam GrebeTrail