Trail Times Letter to the Editor: Questioning concerns on climate change

A response to Gwynne Dyer's opinion piece printed in the April 24, 2013 Trail Times.

For more than 20 years, the climate alarmists have been telling us that we are within a few years of reaching the tipping point for runaway warming. In spite of the fact that global warming stopped more than 15 years ago, Gwynne Dyer continues to promote the false alarmist narrative (“A third option when the ‘carbon bubble’ bursts,” Trail Times, 24 April 2013).

A grasp of the following facts will allow anyone to judge for themselves the validity of global-warming alarmism:

– Carbon dioxide (“CO2”) is not a pollutant as it is a vital plant food;

– The atmosphere is CO2 impoverished as a result of natural sequestration (e.g. limestone formation);

– The consumption of all known hydrocarbon-fuel deposits (coal, oil, & gas) will replace only a small fraction of the sequestered CO2;

– The global-warming alarmist message is based solely upon far-from-perfect climate models;

– Anecdotal evidence allegedly in support of the alarmist message (e.g. arctic sea ice) is well within natural variability:

– The Antarctic, with 90 per cent of the planet’s ice, reached a new record sea ice extent last October 2012;

– The frequency of hurricanes and strong tornadoes are at or near their lowest ebb in decades;

– The rate of sea level rise remains unchanged from what it was prior to significant CO2 emissions;

– Concurrent with the sun entering another quiet phase, the planet is now experiencing a naturally-occurring cooling cycle; and

– The alarmist narrative is without scientific merit. For example, it violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Clearly, the CO2-induced, global-warming narrative must be rejected!

Are you surprised that the alarmists are now referring to “global warming” as “climate change”?

It should be noted that climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Like the knights of old who promised to protect their serfs from fire-breathing dragons, our politicians are promising to save us from a “fire-breathing planet” with their carbon taxes.

Will any politician have the the courage to denounce the B.C. carbon tax and the propaganda generated by the beneficiaries of the CO2-induced, global-warming narrative, a modern version of medieval witchcraft?

Thorpe Watson, PhD